Accelerated Reader, or otherwise known as AR, is a reading program that helps monitor a student’s reading success by testing them over each book they read. Each quarter, students will have a set goal of how many points they must receive in AR.  The goals are set by their classroom teacher.

Point value of books are determined by the books length and comprehension levels.  To see how many points a book is worth or to see if there is a test available for a book you are reading, you can either look on our library catalog or look online at

Parent Information

Parents Guide to Accelerated Reader

Parent Access

You can access your student records and reports by creating a Parent account.  Just follow the steps below.

  1.     Go to the Chapman AR/STAR login site:
  2.      Click on I'm a Parent
  3.     Click on Request Parent/Guardian Access
  4.     Fill out all of the information and hit SAVE
  5.     In a few days, you will receive an email that will provide your username and password from Mrs. Lemon.  If you have any questions or do not hear back in a timely manner, please send an email to