Library Schedule

Listed below is Mrs. Siebert's schedule for class checkout and returns. 

Monday:          Enterprise 

                                9:00-9:30   Mrs. Heller

                                9:30-10:00 Mrs. Jones

                           Chapman Elementary 

                                Open - shelving time and "Performance" reader checkouts

Tuesday:            Chapman Elementary 

                                9:15-9:35     Mrs. Rock

                                9:50-10:00   Mrs. Seib

                             Blue Ridge

                                 12:15-12:45  Mrs. Hoover

                                 12:45-1:10    Ms. Childs

                                   1:10-1:35    Mrs. Harris

                                   1:50-2:10    Mrs. Gentry

                                   2:15-2:30    Mrs. Lexow

                                   2:40-3:05    Mrs. Brooks


Wednesday:         Rural Center

                                   9:00-9:30 Mrs. Simpson

                                   9:30-10:00 Mrs. Cochran

                                  10:00-10:30 Mrs. Parker

Thursday:             Enterprise

                                    9:30-10:00    Mrs. Stroud

                                   10:20-10:40  Mrs. Heinrichs

                                   10:45-11:05  Mrs. Demars

                                   11:05-11:30  Mrs. Depew

                               Chapman Elementary

                                   12:10-12:30  Mrs. Paige

                                   12:50-1:10    Ms. Moore

                                    1:10-1:35    Mrs. Wilkens

                                    1:25-1:45    Mrs. Christner

                                    1:45-2:05    Mrs. Ade

                                    2:25-2:50    Mrs. Krinhop

                                    2:45-3:05    Mrs. Stearns

Friday:              Blue Ridge in the Morning

                          Chapman Elementary in the Afternoon


Library Procedures

Students in Kindergarden class can have 1 book checked out at a time.  

Students in 1st - 5th grade can have 2 books checked out at a time.  Exceptions will be made for school projects, holidays, extended breaks, or by teacher approval. 

Students will receive reminders for overdue books. Letters on yellow paper will be mailed home to parents on any item that is more than 30 days overdue.  Students with overdue books by more than 30 days will not be allowed to check out until the books are returned or the items are paid for.

If a book is returned but has been damaged then the student will be required to pay a small fee to get the book fixed.

If the book is damaged beyond repair, student will be required to cover the costs to replace the book.